Maria – my most sweet and loyal customer – turns 103 today

When we took these pictures Maria
turned 100 years young.

Song for Maria
“Happy Birthday”
Verse 1

Song for Maria
“Happy Birthday”
Verse 2

Song for Maria
“Happy Birthday”
Verse 3

On my last visit I took Maria out –
as always to her favorite Chinese restaurant celebrating her 100th birthday.

At that time she was still driving her car and emailing me from her laptop. She lives alone in her beautiful, large apartment and has taken care of herself all the time. Always dressed in her finest.
When I visited her in Vienna (Austria) I always took her out to her favorite restaurant – a good Chinese.
Unfortunately, shortly after my last visitCorona paralyzed our visit frequency.
When I think of a professional and personal life full of interesting events and activities, I think of Maria.
What a woman…..
She is the living proof that having mental, and physical health, and a sharp mind with 100 starts at a young age.
All the best to you Maria with lots of love from your Norbert.

ps. I believe it would make Maria very happy to receive a congratulatory email from you…. She speaks English. I will forward your message to her.