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Every WiFi is dangerous to your health

PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY handles the harmful energies of Wifi

The human body itself has a natural electromagnetic of 60 – 90 milliwatts per square meter and should not be exposed to more than 100 – 120 milliwatts per square meter.

A Wi-Fi station has easily anywhere between 2,000 and 6,000 milliwatts per square meter when activated while making a call. These values are bombarding and harming your body.

Though most people cannot perceive the harmful influences more and more people are starting to feel strange sensations. These days more and more people suffer from the effects of high-intensity radiation.

The Wi-Fi business is a huge industry similar to the cell phone industry. There is too much money to be made and ethics go straight out the door are disposed in the big dumpster of integrity. Though many groups of interest try to play down the harmful influences of Wi-Fi stations, in the near future scientific tests will come out more and more and more and more to prove exactly the catastrophic consequences of exposure on the human body.

However, the Electromagnetic Field is not the real problem, like we always thought it was. The higher status value is what is called the TORSION FIELD or INFORMATION FIELD. The new science shows that this TORSION FIELD needs to be handled by changing it from a chaotic condition into a harmony. And this will stabilize the health of people.

The PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY Geo / WiFi affects exactly this transformation.

PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY handles not only the harmful energies of a Wifi stations.

but at the same time handles the harmful energies of Geopathic Stress Zones
See our tab on this website Geopathic Zones

See tab TORSION FIELD for details.

The PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY Geo Geo / Wifi device neutralizes the harmful effects of chaotic electromagnetic waves, including Wi-Fi Radiation in homes and offices and other indoor spaces.

Electromagnetic waves are invisible energies caused by the flows and changes of electrical currents. Some are natural, coming from the sun, outer-space and from the Earth’s own magnetic fields. Others, generally the most dangerous ones in terms of our daily exposure, are entirely man-madel like microwave radiation (WiFi, cell phones, microwave ovens, etc.)

Microwave Radiation of a low level exists throughout the galaxy, but our local exposure to man-made microwaves from WiFi, cell phones, cell-phone towers, radar and microwave ovens is now millions of times of times stronger than galactic microwaves.

The PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY Geo / Wifi  device protects people from the harmful effects of a certain aspect of electromagnetic radiation, called the TORSION FIELD (also known as the INFORMATION FIELD).

Our bodies are designed in an ORDERLY way and are meant to live in a relatively orderly environment, as far as electromagnetic waves are concerned. Waves from the Sun are far less dis-orderly than man-made microwaves from cell phones and WiFi, which carry billions of ‘bits’ of information encoded on them.

When our bodies are exposed to chaotic energies, our health and well-being suffer.

Research in various countries around the world has shown that Wi-Fi does negatively affect the human body. The first efforts to solve the problem were successfully applied by eliminating Wi-Fi stations in schools.

With the development of the Internet and cell phones, Wi-Fi systems were being widely implemented and can now be found everywhere.  In recent years much research has been published on the health dangers of Wi-Fi on humans, animals, insects (such as bees) and plants. Wireless networks do particular and irreparable harm to the health of children, adolescents and pregnant women. Note that Wi-Fi operates in the same frequency range as the microwave oven (microwaves)!

PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY Geo / Wifi  eliminates the negative effects of Wi-Fi everywhere as long as the Wi-Fi station is plugged into the same power circuit as the PROTECT PRO Geo / Wifi.  Our unit handles the chaotic TORSION FIELD created by the electromagnetic radiation and turns the chaotic harmful energies into a body-friendly harmony.

Torsion Fields

Please check our tab TORSION FIELD for a detailed explanation.

Negative Effects on Health

Living and/or working in the area of influence of a WiFi station will always adversely affect the health.

The extended exposure to a TORSION FIELD of a WiFi station can lead to a significant decline in health.

Furthermore they could be the cause of many serious health symptoms and conditions directly associated to harmful frequencies which may manifest in the following conditions among others: cancer, cardiovascular and neuropsychiatric disorders, and disorders of the musculoskeletal system, provokes functional violation accelerates the development of inflammation and leads to deformation of one’s own body biofield and, consequently, leads to serious diseases – various forms of cancer, violations of the coronary and cerebral circulation, polyarthritis, and multiple sclerosis. Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, leukemia, cancers, brain tumors, fatigue, depression, general mental disorders, headaches, unexplained agitation, sleeplessness, loss of concentration, loss of energy, weak vision and memory, sleep disorder visual impairment, nervousness, reduction of the blood levels of leukocytes and lymphocytes, immunity disorders; it adversely affects the endocrine and reproductive system and much more.

Basically, harmful frequencies can cause any health condition in a person. Because each body is different, the harmful waves may affect each person in a different way.

Children and pregnant women are most vulnerable to negative effects of the TORSION FIELD.

Unfortunately, doctors have not always associated these functional disorders with the influence of a Wifi Station, trying to treat patients in many ways, including questionable health products at times.


Simply plug the PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY Geo / Wifi   into a power outlet. A small LED green light will light up confirming the device is properly working.

The PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY Geo / Wifi eliminates the negative effects of Wi-Fi stations. It extends outside the particular room in which the device is applied to WiFi stations in any other room as long as the electrical cable runs in the other room(s) on the same circuit (same “phase”).
The PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY Geo / Wifi  protects at the same time from the harmful effects of GEOPATHIC ZONES. It extends the protection from GEOPATHIC ZONES outside the particular room in which the device is installed to other other rooms as long as these are on the same electrical cable run /  on the same circuit (same “phase”) as the one in which the unit is installed.
The PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY Geo / Wifi  unit handles the chaotic TORSION FIELD created by the electromagnetic radiation and turns the chaotic harmful frequency into a body-friendly harmony.
The PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY Geo / Wifi works on 110-240V. For some countries a plug adapter is required, which may be not included.

This device does not interfere with the operation of cell phones or other electronic devices.