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Our protection SD1 HUMAN DEFENSE  has been scientifically tested by the BESA INSTITUT in Austria.
See BESA for details.

The Smart Defender HUMAN PROTECT SD 1 is for people and has a large variety of uses; the name Human Protect already expresses the design and target of the Smart Defender Human Protect SD 1.

This designation is already a clue of the scope of possibilities of the SD 1 and an indication of its holistic orientation. To meet this requirement, our team has embedded specific software program in the SD 1 hardware.

The SD 1 virtually forms a harmonizing/neutralizing sphere with an effective radius of 5 meters/15 feet. The effect arises from interactions between the so-called hyperspace (information space) and the reference space (physical or energy space) of the SD 1 and biological matter. The information transfer takes place from the hyperspace of the SD 1 to the hyperspace of biological matter, because every biological matter also has these spaces.

From hyperspace, the information passes through so-called interaction channels into the physical reference space, which is also called the energy space. This covers all organs and all forms of energy in biological matter. In this, the information of the program is transferred dynamically, which should result in beneficial changes, neutralization/harmonization of disturbances, problems, blockages and disharmonies in biological matter.

Those interested can find a detailed explanation of the terms hyperspace, reference space and energy space and the entire technology at this link: PROTECT PRO TECHNOLOGY

Referring to conditions of biological matter we say:
Disruptions, problems, blockages, disharmonies in biological matter that need to be harmonized/neutralized.

The concept of the SD 1’s function is therefore to harmonize, neutralize faults, problems, blockages, disharmonies in biological matter replacing negative states with positive states.

The questions to be covered in testing the SD 1: how does the subject’s energy system react to the potentially destructive bio-content extracts of the test ampoules without any defense? And does the Smart Defender SD1 compensate and harmonize/neutralize the harmful interference fields from the negative bio-content extracts in the ampoules?

In Test 1 a baseline pre-measurement on the subject is done without any test objects. In Test 2 and 3  test subjects hold precisely predetermined ampoules with common negative bio-content extracts. The final measurement in test 3 is carried out with the same ampoules PLUS the Human Protect SD1 device. The objective of the test is to determine whether the SD 1 is effective and able to harmonize/neutralize the negative effects of the test bio-content ampoules on test subjects.

Below is the BESA list of the broad variety of negative bio-content extracts for ampoules that were used in the testing:

  • appendicitis
  • appendicitis necroticans
  • bronchial degeneration
  • cholera
  • ulcerative colitis
  • diverticolose
  • enterococcinum
  • gallbladder degeneration
  • hemorrhoids
  • skin fibroma
  • herpes simplex
  • herpes zoster
  • knee joint effusion
  • cirrhosis of the liver
  • lupus
  • lymph node abscess
  • breast sarcoma degeneration
  • melanoma
  • melanoma metastases
  • meningitis
  • crohn’s disease
  • multiple sclerosis
  • nephrititis
  • neuralgia
  • esophageal degeneration
  • pancreatic degeneration
  • whistling glandular fever
  • poliomyelitis
  • polyartritis
  • polyserositis
  • prostate squamous degeneration
  • rectum degeneration
  • rheumatism
  • salmonella TP
  • thyroid degeneration
  • sigmoid degeneration
  • staphylococcinum
  • streptococcinum
  • tuberculinum

The list includes the most common disorders, problems, blockages, disharmonies of biological matter, commonly known as disease, allergies, reaction to toxic and heavy metals.

The BESA Institute of researchers in Austria did the scientific testing and compared the findings from all three testing events and program requirements for the Smart Defender Human Protect SD 1 and found the Human Protect device effective for harmonizing/neutralizing disorders, problems, blockages, disharmonies in biological matter. The results showed that the SD 1 was able to meet all requirements and claims with flying colors:

BESA Certification

Our research and development team is convinced that the Human Defense SD 1 is suitable for harmonizing and/or neutralizing disorders, problems, blockages, disharmonies in biological objects. When asked what disorders, problems, blockages, disharmonies it can be used for, we refer to the name we gave it: “Human Protect”!

Our information is not confirmed by any official US institution. Our products do not diagnose, treat or prevent disease. Our products do not contain any materials that are magnetic, electromagnetic, radioactive, toxic or caustic. We reserve the right to make changes in the entire product range. The current product may differ from our literature, website, samples, trade fair exhibitions, etc..
Our offers and invoices are based on our delivery and payment conditions according to our website.
Our statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Our products do NOT contain any materials that are magnetic, electromagnetic, radioactive, toxic or corrosive.

SD 1
Human Protect

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Product Specifications

35 mm x 3.7 mm  3.8 grams
1.36” x 0.14”  0.13 ounces

5 meters / 15 ft radius