In recent years, researchers have discovered deep and startling connections between the type and intensity of energy fields and human health. Key scientists discovered and proved scientifically in many experiments that wherever there is electromagnetic radiation, there exists what is called the TORSION FIELD, also known as the INFORMATION FIELD.
Every person and every product in this world has its own specific INFORMATION FIELD, as unique as a finger print. Once this TORSION FIELD is harmed and brought into a chaotic state due to influences as specified below, negative consequences such as health issues are imminent.
Physicians in both the Eastern and the Western medical traditions have struggled to deal with the often puzzling increase of many different diseases over the past several decades. The research into TORSION FIELDS suggests that much if not all illness may be the result of changes in information mentally and/or in the bio-electric field that surrounds and permeates the living body.
Theory and practical application now suggests that converting the information of TORSION FIELDS from a chaotic state to a harmonious state may in turn harmonize the body’s bio-electic field, resulting in wellness. The test of this, of course, would be to take individuals who’ve lived in an environment of chaotic energies (which is most of us) and who have various measurable physical difficulties, then handle the Torsion Fields and observe the results. This work has been done and results thus far have been positive.
For many years our company has engaged in the research of the TORSION FIELDS to improve the human health. We’ve worked with scientists from many other countries, with the common goal of improving  conditions for mankind on this planet.
TORSION FIELDS are present in all environments that contain engines, motors, electrical devices of all sorts, all electrical household products such as irons, vacuum cleaners, microwave ovens, etc., as well as cell phones, GPS, Wi-Fi, cordless phones, computers, TV screens, monitors, cars in general, electric cars, airplanes etc. … each of these may sabotage the health of man to one degree or another (see webpage CELL PHONE, MONITOR, WIFI).
TORSION FIELDS are present with cars and electric cars and wherever engines and motors are engaged which includes Subways, Airplanes, Trains etc…
TORSION FIELDS are also present in natural appearing GEOPATHIC STRESS ZONES (see webpage GEOPATHIC ZONE). They’re spread across the planet in a grid-like patter. They’re  present in each room in households and in
businesses and they create these negative TORSION FIELDS (Information Fields) which harm the human body as wellAs the lines of the grids repeat in an aproximative patterns of 8 – 12 ft ( 2.50 – 3.60 meter) everyone in an office, a living room and a bedroom dwells most likely in GEOPATHIC STRESS ZONES which harm the human body big time.
Water Veins, various grids which cover the entire world like a chess board known as Curry Grid, Hartmann Grid and Benker Grid. On top of all the above there are many more contributing factors which create GEOPATHIC STRESS ZONES such as Rock Fractures, Rock Faults, Earth Rays. Earth Radiation and Terrestrial Radiation.
One can clearly state that everyone’s health and well being is sabotaged by the GEOPATHIC STRESS ZONES. In our researches, we all came to the scientific conclusion that the more well-known electromagnetic field is not the problem, but rather the associated TORSION FIELD (Information Field) which harms the human body.
With the PROTECT PRO technology, we can finally handle the TORSION FIELD (Information Field), as this is the Counter Survival Frequency. The PROTECT PRO technology transforms this Counter Survival Frequency it into a Pro-Survival Frequency!
The unique PROTECT PRO line of products handle the chaotic patterns of the TORSION FIELDS a listed above.