5G is the biggest danger to mankind and it is getting worse by the day and you should not ignore it any more. What you need to know and to do ?

By popular demand Guest Speaker Paul St.John
on 5 G 

Paul will give us a compact briefing on this 5G situation.

 Saturday September 7 2019

Starting 10 am sharp through 6 pm
Community Learning Center 1411 N Fort Harrison Ave. Clearwater, FL 33755

Besides the above there will be
20 Topics to choose from

The participants practice Democracy and vote at the beginning of the workshop which of the following topics they are most interested in

and I will deliver: 

1 – 6 Management Steps to Health
2 – 98.6
3 – Addiction to food and beverages
4 – Bad sleep – main reason
5 – Chinese Medicine – the basics
6 – Coffee – the big legal drug
7 – Daylight – ignored by most
8 – Dentistry – the basics
9 – Destroying an entire Society – how do they do that?
10 – Detoxification – the ongoing process
11 – Dr. Masuro Emoto – his important findings
12 – Fascia – wrong positions when working and sleeping
13 – Geopathic Zone – the big unknown ignored health issue by the medical world
14 – Green Tea – the myth
15 – Kinesiology – how it truly works
16 – Muslims & Pork – a big misunderstanding
17 – Past 150 years inventions – fun but harmful
18 – Tattoos – the new worldwide epidemic
19 – My technologies work – Hi Energy & Protect Pro
20 – Electromagnetic Radiation (Wifi, Mobile Phone etc.) and its effect on the water
Compact short summary on water. I could see by questions I received after the last workshop that there may be still some misunderstandings.
I covered in the past workshop:
Oxygen Water EMF & 5G Chronic Stress pH Frequencies

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Starting 10 am sharp through 6 pm
Community Learning Center 1411 N Fort Harrison Ave. Clearwater, FL 33755

Guest Speaker Winston Kao
on Nutritional Supplements

Do we need nutritional supplements ?? What do we have to know about them? 
Could they even have negative effects on the body? 

Guest Speaker Dr. Scott Damanti
on Pineal, Thymus & Thyroid Glands

Are you truly aware of just how much the environmental toxins and radiation are effecting your body?
What effects do they have in particular on your Thyroids, Pineal Gland and Thymus Gland?
We will test some participants in a live situation.

By popular demand Guest Speaker Paul St.John
on 5 G

Paul will give us a compact briefing on this 5G situation.

Norbert Heuser on Radio Shows

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a 3 x 1 hour talk show with Norbert Heuser on ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS & 5G 
on “Spingola Speaks” with Deanna Spingola on www.spingolaspeaks.net
a 3 x 1 hour talk show with Norbert Heuser on WATER
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Voices after the workshop delivered
in Clearwater on August 3 2019.

Your seminar has been fantastic. The information was presented in an interesting, understandable way. Every topic was covered thoroughly. The day was very enjoyable. Kathy Baskin
Thank you, Norbert, for putting on this life changing event!! LaFonda Gorham
This opened a whole new way of handling things. It’s a phenomenal workshop! Jim Mican
I have been enlightened so much further than my extensive research. Your data and demonstrations made everything clear and you were even willing to blindly do an experiment that someone suggested. Your guests were very knowledgeable and able to communicate in terms we could understand.
The best thing is that you all had solutions- to strength, balance, 5G, hydration, energy, nutrition, WiFi pollution, water pollution, and most of all, the solution to the bad hats who could care less or are creating the problems. Sioux Hart
This was great! The data was incredible, the extra speakers were great and I am looking forward to working with Norbert, Debbie and Paul and help us all save our planet. Jai McFall
This was brilliant! I had heard that there were perils to 5G, but NEVER did I get to hear what the dangers were, until today. Cell phone and “G” tech have become an element in life, but without the warning box or the instructions. Today, we got the warning. We learned just how devastating 5G is and that it must be stopped. Thank you for bringing this to us here…… Adrienne Craig
I got the clear understanding on EMF, radiation and frequencies. And increase awareness of 5G.
Winston Kao
I really got some clarity on some of the specific, different factors of health, energy and harmony. The demonstrations were enlightening and fun. It is undeniable how this technology can be a benefit to a person and his environment. Thank you! Looking forward to more data. Janine Allington
Great information, excellent guests! Amanda Grace
I very much appreciate the coordinated effort of perfect pertinent education, raising awareness and providing solutions from different angles. Thank you for all your efforts, care and competence.
Susanne Epple
Awesome information! As usual Norbert delivered – Spectacular! Thank you! Tanii Carr
Most interesting to me was learning that cells reject water that is not hexagonal! I already have Winston’s water filter, so now I am eager to get Norbert’s tech to harmonize it. Norbert’s tech is very impressive. I want to purchase all his products. I also very much appreciate the talks by Vivian and Paul. The biggest win is being connected now with others who are going to do something about 5G! Marcia Powell

I am looking forward to meeting
and working with workshop participants.

I look forward to hearing from you anytime.

With my very best personal regards,
Norbert Heuser

727 – 470 2134